Cloud Security Posture Management

Comprehensive cloud security across the world’s largest clouds.

Detecting and preventing the misconfigurations and threats that lead to data breaches and compliance violations is growing ever more difficult as cloud architectures become increasingly complex.

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Eliminate cloud blind spots, achieve compliance, and proactively address risks.

Prisma Cloud is a unique Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution that reduces the complexity of securing multi-cloud environments, while radically simplifying compliance.

Security and compliance teams gain comprehensive visibility across public cloud infrastructure, with continuous, automated monitoring that provides insights into new and existing assets, anomalous behaviors, and potential threats.
  • Complete visibility and protection across any cloud
  • Improved efficiency and collaboration with automation
  • Integrated data security and entitlement controls
  • Visibility, Compliance and Governance
    Visibility, Compliance and Governance
  • Threat Detection
    Threat Detection
  • Data Security
    Data Security
  • Infrastructure-as-Code Scanning
    Infrastructure-as-Code Scanning


Our approach to Cloud Security Posture Management