Forrester Consulting's Total Economic Impact™ for Cloud-Delivered Security Services 2024

357% ROI, $5.2 million in benefits, $1.1 million saved in MTTR, and more.

New Gartner®️ report on data loss prevention.

Learn how to strengthen the security of your data.

Best-in-Class Cloud-Delivered Data Protection

Enterprise DLP is the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-delivered service that consistently protects sensitive data across all networks, clouds and users.

Network Security Guardians: Staying Ahead of Attackers to Protect the Digital Realm

Join Paolo and his team as they protect the digital realm and stay ahead of today’s attackers.

Tackle the Modern Challenges of Data Protection

Take a redefined approach to DLP to address new organizational risks stemming from network and cloud transformations.

Prevent data leaks

Prevent data leaks

Locate where your sensitive data is, everywhere it flows. Identify sensitive data-at-rest and data-in-transit throughout the entire enterprise. Monitor and prevent unsafe data transfers and non-compliance by enforcing unified protection policies.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance

Automatically find regulated and personal identifiable information (PII) based on predefined and customizable detection rules and contextual conditions that align with the newest regulations. Adhere to compliance and data privacy requirements with policies tailored to support GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, CCPA and more.

Protect intellectual property

Protect intellectual property

Get the same protective rigor for your unstructured intellectual property (IP) data – source code, copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade secrets, for instance – as you would for your structured forms of sensitive data or PII.

Control malicious insider behavior

Control malicious insider behavior

Identify insider data theft activities that put sensitive data at grave risk. Understand how sensitive data is being used from authorized sources with legitimate-looking use cases. Stop malicious data exposure as well as data movement.

Avert mistakes from negligent insiders

Avert mistakes from negligent insiders

Mitigate risky behavior from well-meaning yet negligent employees that often inadvertently put corporate data at risk. Minimize the risk of unintentional data exposure. Educate employees on corporate policies that reduce the risk of data loss over time.

Are you ready to try the industry’s most comprehensive cloud native enterprise data loss prevention (DLP) solution?

Consistent data protection is extremely important

Get integrated data protection coverage – across every network, cloud and user. By delivering consistent policies across all distributed control points from a single cloud-delivered DLP engine, Enterprise DLP enables a unified approach at egress points, the edge and in the cloud.

Comprehensive Data Protection

Define data protection policies and configurations by automatically and instantly applying them to every location. Utilize various data detection techniques that identify both forms of data – structured and unstructured.
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Reliable Data Detection Using Content, Context and ML-Based Data Classification

Bank on a powerful cloud native data detection engine, descriptive data profiles, data matching, natural language processing, and image recognition for accurate detection and consistent policy enforcement for sensitive data – structured and unstructured, both at rest and in motion.

Failsafe Data Security

Legacy DLP is a thing of the past. Embrace modern data protection for a simple, fresh and comprehensive take on data security.

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Easy to Deploy, Update and Scale

A natively integrated service that deploys and scales across the enterprise in minutes, on-premises and in the cloud.

  • 2x

    Control point coverage

  • 35Minutes

    Lightning-fast deployment

  • 3x

    Lowest TCO

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