Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

With Prisma® Cloud, you can enforce least-privilege permissions across workloads and clouds

Overly permissive roles, poor credential hygiene and accidental public exposure have all caused significant breaches of enterprise cloud environments.

Learn how IAM controls protect your cloud against breaches.

Monitor permissions and continuously enforce least-privileged access

The Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) module provides users with broad visibility into effective permissions, continuously monitors multi-cloud environments for risky and unused entitlements, and automatically makes least privilege recommendations. Users gain simple yet powerful insight into the net-effective permissions for every role – including those associated with an IdP provider – all seamlessly integrated into Prisma® Cloud.
  • Query permissions across users, compute instances, cloud resources and more
  • Monitor excessive and unused privileges
  • Automate remediation of overly permissive roles
  • Net-effective permissions
    Net-effective permissions
  • Rightsizing permissions
    Rightsizing permissions
  • IAM entitlement investigation
    IAM entitlement investigation
  • IDP integration
    IDP integration
  • Automated remediation
    Automated remediation


Our approach to Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Net-effective permissions

Gain deep visibility into who has the ability to take what actions on which resources. By running complex calculations that analyze permissions such as AWS IAM roles, policies and groups; or Azure role assignments including security principals, role definitions and scopes; the CIEM module can precisely determine net-effective permissions.

  • Manage multi-cloud entitlements from a single solution

    Gain integrated multi-cloud capabilities delivered from Prisma Cloud that extend everything we do for Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) to cloud identities.

  • Implement pre-built policies

    Leverage specialized out-of-the-box policies to detect risky permissions and remove unwanted access to cloud resources.

  • Audit permissions for internal compliance

    Quickly audit cloud permissions with related user data, service data and cloud accounts.

Rightsizing permissions

Specialized out-of-the-box policies detect risky permissions and help remove unwanted access to cloud resources. Automatically detect overly permissive user access, and then leverage automated recommendations to rightsize them to achieve least-privileged access.

  • Detect overly permissive policies

    Remove unwanted access to cloud resources by automatically detecting overly permissive access policies.

  • Implement pre-built policies

    Use out-of-the-box policies to detect public access, use of wildcards, risky permissions and more.

  • Automated recommendations

    Use automated recommendations to achieve least privilege permissions.

IAM entitlement investigation

Query all relevant IAM entities, including all the relationships among different entities and their effective permissions across cloud environments. Understand which user can take what actions on which resources on which cloud. Turn queries into custom cloud-agnostic policies and define remediation steps as well as compliance implications.

  • Investigate IAM entitlements

    See real-time and historical data to understand IAM activity and entitlements.

  • Query data to get the full picture of user activity

    Gain a detailed view of suspicious activity as well as connected accounts and resources.

  • Query data specific to identity providers

    Discover overly permissive roles of IdP users and correlate results with cloud identities, such as IAM users and machine identities.

IdP integration

Integrate with identity provider (IdP) services like Okta and Azure AD to ingest single sign-on (SSO) data. View effective permissions and overly permissive roles of IdP users, and correlate results with cloud identities, such as IAM users and machine identities.

  • Leverage integrated support for IdP Services

    Ingest single sign-on (SSO) data for an effective permissions calculation and list the effective permissions of IdP users across multi-cloud accounts.

  • Query data specific to identity providers

    Discover overly permissive roles of IdP users and correlate results with cloud identities, such as IAM users and machine identities.

  • Turn queries into cloud-agnostic policies

    Easily build custom guardrails for IdP users by turning RQL queries into IAM security policies with specific compliance and remediation implications.

Automated remediation

Automatically adjust permissions and continuously enforce least-privileged access. Send alert notifications to 14 third-party tools, including email, AWS Lambda and Security Hub, PagerDuty®, ServiceNow® and Slack®.

  • Activate automated remediation for over-privileged users

    Get suggestions for ideal permissions levels for any cloud user from Prisma Cloud.

  • Support for 14 common integrations

    Seamlessly integrate Prisma Cloud alerting with your existing alert management tools with built-in support for 14 third-party tools.

  • Remediation playbooks

    Leverage custom Cortex® XSOAR playbooks for Prisma Cloud and easily operationalize advanced security orchestration capabilities.

Prisma Cloud
Prisma Cloud
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