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Prisma SASE with Zero Trust gave us the ability to secure our users regardless of their status, what device they’re using, or where they’re working from.

Ken Ogami, Senior Vice President & CIO U.S., Westfield North America

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An agile, secure, scalable, carrier-agnostic network solution was the need of the hour. Firewalls deployed at Village Roadshow were nearing end of life. Our fixed-line telephone carriage was aging, and there was a growing need to deliver cost savings to the business by moving away from MPLS.

Michael Fagan, Chief Transformation Officer, Village Roadshow Limited

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Without the network, there is nothing, and that’s why we took our decision to move to Prisma SD-WAN very seriously. Now we have the highest performing network we’ve ever had, just from the bandwidth change. It gives us the option to introduce more applications into the environment, which is a huge business-enabler for us.

Adam Rasner, vice president of Technology Operations, AutoNation

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Security can’t be an afterthought, but it also can’t be too hard. If a solution that we deploy doesn’t properly balance our need for security and the usability of the technology for our employees, we’ve failed as security engineers and architects. Prisma Access helped us find that balance.

Josh Dye, Senior Vice President of Global Information Security, Jefferies
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I was happy with the journey we started several years ago with the Palo Alto Networks team. They were truly interested in helping navigate the solution with a lot of brainstorming and investigating how to best solve our problems. We felt that meeting our needs and shaping their product to help us was their primary goal.

Georgi Stoev, Senior Network Architect, Salesforce
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Westfield responds rapidly to a changing market with Prisma SASE

Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE helped Westfield adapt quickly to the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and is enabling it to keep up with a changing world.

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Village Roadshow transforms the business with Prisma SASE, realizes savings of thousands of hours per month

Village Roadshow has realized cost savings with SD-WAN, consolidation, and improved security and networking features with Prisma SASE.

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Salesforce supercharges its bandwidth with Prisma SD-WAN

The world’s leading CRM company improved network scalability to support new cloud application traffic with Prisma® SD-WAN—a secure, next-generation SD-WAN solution.

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Westfield responds rapidly to a changing market with Prisma SASE

Enhanced connectivity, security, and flexibility open new opportunities.

Prisma SASE simplifies and enhances security for Zespri

Delivering seamless usability to end users, single pane-of-glass visibility to IT teams, and secure network access across the globe.

Securely and confidently powering the U.S.

A utility company trusts Palo Alto Networks for cyberattack prevention

Digital-first homeownership company adopts a consolidation strategy to modernize security

Better chooses Palo Alto Networks platforms for network, cloud, endpoints, and security operations.

Imagination Technologies secure their hybrid working future with Palo Alto Networks

Imagination Technologies, the global leader in semiconductor manufacture, are creating a modern, hybrid working environment with Palo Alto Networks.

No-compromise cybersecurity posture for global semiconductor manufacturer

In the face of unrelenting, disruptive change, Imagination Technologies Group are protecting their semiconductor intellectual property (IP) by using the innovative and integrated Palo Alto Networks portfolio to create a complete, connected, no-compromise security posture.

Protecting patients during the pandemic by securing the Internet of Medical Things

A healthcare provider relies on Palo Alto Networks to provide comprehensive medical IoT security

Connected cybersecurity underpins 24/x7 global steel manufacturing at Outokumpu

The global leader in sustainable stainless steel is using a unified Palo Alto Networks network security and secure access service edge platform to create a secure, flexible production environment.

Supporting peoples’ healthcare needs with natively integrated security and connectivity

Trusted by leading companies around the globe

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