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How Palo Alto Networks IoT Security Achieves 70X Time Savings Protecting IoT Devices in the Enterprise

IoT devices represent a serious enterprise security challenge because they are based on legacy operating systems and lack built-in security controls. This increases the attack surface and exposes you to a huge number of potential new vulnerabilities and attack targets - an urgent issue that needs a viable resolution.

Other IoT solutions in the market require a lot of IT time and resources to install, configure, and maintain IoT sensors for hundreds of IoT devices and continual security updates and changes to keep up with as new devices, new types of attacks arrive. Many of these solutions can only discover and manage a fraction of the total number of IoT devices on an enterprise network, as they use a static, signature-based approach to identification that struggles to keep up with the constant onslaught of new devices and device variants.

There is an alternative, however. Palo Alto Networks IoT Security is the industry's most comprehensive IoT security solution, harnessing a patented and behavior-based three-tier machine learning model, crowdsourced IoT data, patented App-ID technology, and a cloud SaaS architecture to:

  • Discover and identify all unmanaged devices, including type, vendor, model, OS, and rich device context encompassing 50+ attributes for each
  • Assess risk and an associated risk score for every IoT device, taking into account device compliance, vulnerabilities, threats, anomalies, and exploits
  • Establish normal device baseline behaviors in comparison to crowdsourced behavioral data for similar devices and detect any behavioral anomalies
  • Provide actionable policy recommendations for native enforcement
  • Prevent known and unknown threats

All without the need for current Palo Alto Networks NGFW customers to install any agents, additional sensors, or forklift upgrades.